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Welcome to Supercut Industries

Specialized in the production & development of corrugated paper board making machinery. Super Cut Industries is a professional manufacturer specialized in the production development of corrugated paper Board Making Machinery and flexo printers. The desire for technological innovation has earned Super Cut a distinctive position in the field of corrugated box making machineries.

Auto Corrugated Board Plant

This Machine Is Used For Heating Liner And Dry It To Control Temperature And Humidity Of Liner. Heating Rollers Passes The Nation Pressure Revessel Test

All Corrugators Machines

This Heavy Duty High Speed Machine Is Designed For Production Of Two Ply Corrugated By Feeding Two Reels Of Craft Paper One As Media Paper & Other As Liner Paper.

Flexo Paper Printing Machines

This Machine Is Designed For Higher Production And Sharp And Clear Printing On Paper. It Prints Using Photo Polymers Stereos (2.8 Mm And 4.8 Mm) And Water Based Inks.

Combined Rotary Creaser

This Machine Is Used For Trimming, Creasing, Slotting,Corner Cutting Of Sheets. It Has Four Creasing Heads Four Trimming Heads, Three Slotting Heads & One Corner Cutting Head.

Eccentric Slotting Machines

This Machine Is Equipped With One Corner Cutting Head To Punch Out Number Ofboards At A Time. It Is Used For Slotting & Corner Cutting Of The Corrugated Boards.

Diecut Punching Machine

This Simple Machine Is Specially Designed For trimming, Slotting & Punching of Corrugated Boards. This simple Machine Covers the job of scorring,slotting Machine.

Rotary Scrolling Machines

This Machine Is Designed For Creasing, Trimming & Slitting Of Corrugated Board. The Machine Is Equipped With Four Heavy Duty Shafts And Four Sets Of Creasing Heads.

Rotary Reel to Sheet Cutter

This Machine Is Exclusively Designed For Higher Production And Sharp Cutting Of Plain Paper And 2 Ply Corrugated Liner Without Damaging The Flutes.

Auto Flute Laminators

This High Speed Machine Is Designed For Pasting Of Corrugated Liner With Duplex/Craft Paper. It Is Equipped With Side Lay And Vacuum Sucking Conveying System

Sheet Pasting Machines

This Machine Is Designed For Applying Glue And Pasting Corrugated Sheets Of Different Ply Thickness. It Consists Of Three Rollers All Of Them Are Finely Ground.

Side Flap Pasting Machines

This Machine Is Specially Designed For Gluing Side Flap Of Corrugated Boards. It Is Equipped With Stainless Steel Gum Tank With Gum Scrapper for Even Gum Application.

Auto Stitcher Machines

This Machine Is use for fast stitching of corrugated boxes. It is equipped with independent control for front and rear feeding wheels offering auto feed in control Types.



How we help

Corrugated board - low-cost, light-weight and inherently stable - is the preferred transport packaging material; the sales figures have been continuously increasing during the past few years. This packaging material combines effective product protection with reduced use of material, together with particularly low weight and outstanding machining capacities. It optimally protects goods during transportation and storage. Depending on the intended use and load requirements, a differentiation is made between single, double and triple corrugated boards.
Flexo printing is a letterpress printing method. Flexible synthetic resin printing-dies (clichés) are used where the printing parts are higher than the non-printing parts. Ink is applied by means of a roller on the higher, inversed printing image and then pressed onto the running corrugated board in the flexo printing machine. The inks are liquid, water soluble, and fast drying.
  • Energy efficiency thanks to innovative drive technology with intermediate circuit connection and intelligent motion profiles.
  • Faster engineering thanks to integrated technology functions, such as register control, feeders, print length correction, slotter function
  • Best possible synchronization accuracy for perfect print and conversion results
  • Flexibility thanks to scalable hardware and software components.
Automating modern production systems is becoming ever so challenging: customers want higher productivity, more flexibility and simpler system integration at lower costs. Your competent business partner Bosch Rexroth has excellent knowledge of your industry and offers perfectly balanced solutions. Our experienced team of industry experts is constantly trying to further develop our worldwide renowned systems..


Types of Corrugated Boxes

Regular slotted boxes They are one of the most efficiently designed packaging materials available. They are made of three ply corrugated board that has two outside flaps. The flaps can be are glued or...

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