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Types of Corrugated Boxes

Regular slotted boxes

They are one of the most efficiently designed packaging materials available. They are made of three ply corrugated board that has two outside flaps. The flaps can be are glued or stitched together. It is one of the most commonly used boxes and can be used for a variety of products. There is very little manufacturing waste in this type of boxes. The boxes can be folded and stored and shipped as flat card boards.

Self-erecting boxes

The self-erecting boxes are designed using a cardboard blank with two end and two side walls that are linked along the edges. There are also bottom and top flaps that are hinged to the side walls. All the ends are bound together by adhesive. They can be easily assembled where all the pieces come together when the boxes are erected. The boxes are known for the strength and durability. Their compact design makes them take very little storage space. They are used in manufacturing as well as retailing systems.

Folder boxes

This type of boxes has a flat bottom that is rigid. The side walls are joined to the ends of the corrugated cardboard at the bottom. The designs on the boxes can be enhanced by adding handles, locks and display panels according to your needs and requirements. They are usually designed to pack enormous or irregularly shaped products.

Telescope boxes

This type of boxes finds their use in diverse applications in a range of industries. Like the regular slotted boxes, telescope boxes are also popular type of packaging material. The box contains two pieces – a lid and a body. The body is made of corrugated card boards and has a lid that snugly fits over the top. The cover extends over at least two-thirds of the depth of the box.

Rigid boxes

One of the most durable packaging materials, rigid boxes contains three pieces – a body and two end pieces that are glued together. They usually have six or more joints, which seal the body and end pieces together making them sturdy.

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