Buying A New Vs Used Flexo Printing Machine – What Are The Pros & Cons?

Not surprisingly, it is the cost of a new flexo-press that causes many companies to purchase used presses instead. However, is this the best decision? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of buying a used machine vs. purchasing a new flexo-press.

The Risk Of Buying Used

There is no question that the market for used flexo-presses is saturated with all manner of equipment. This is due to the rapid advance of print technologies. Although this does leave you spoiled for choice in many ways, purchasing used also carries more of a risk than it used to. For example, a couple of decades ago when changes to print technology were infrequent, purchasing second-hand might only put you a year behind the most current technology. Today, however, purchasing last year’s press can mean that you’re light years away from the latest advancements your competitors may be enjoying.

Equipment Breakdown

There is a good chance that your used and/or refurbished press will run well for a very long time. But what happens if one or more of its components breaks down? Depending on the age of your machine, replacement parts may be very difficult to find. This is especially true of electronic components, which can become obsolete seemingly in the blink of an eye. If you can’t locate the parts you need, you may be forced to purchase another used press.

It Can’t Grow With You

Although a used press may be very low-cost, it may end up holding you back. In order for your business to grow, you require equipment that can grow with you by allowing you to add new components as they come on the market to expand the capability of your machine. As well, the used machine you want may not be available in the condition you need it in, nor may it offer the kind of special components you might require.

It is true that in purchasing a used press, you can have a reliable back-up in case something happens with the equipment you’re already using. It can also be a good idea where you want to invest in equipment without going into additional debt. However, does purchasing a new machine make more sense?

Higher Efficiency

The verdict from the majority of print businesses is that new machines are the best choice in the long run. Not only do they have far fewer problems than their older counterparts, but they cost less to maintain and run, and work more efficiently overall. They also have a longer working life than second-hand presses.

Financing Is Available

Back in the day, purchasing a new press was a more complicated process, as getting credit wasn’t easy. Today, however, financing is common and has put new technology well within the reach of all sizes of print businesses, giving them an advantage over the competition.

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